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California Marine Sciences Scholarship

To promote a better understanding of the environments we so love to explore, the Central California Council of Diving Clubs, known as Cen Cal, annually offers the California Diving & Aquatic Studies Scholarship. This award was previously named the Seaviews/Cen Cal Marine Science Scholarship.

Applications for this year's Scholarship are due November 1, 2011.

The award of $1,000 is to support a student engaging in studies of underwater habitats. Aquatic related programs in the disciplines of biology, physical sciences, marine education, maritime archaeology, historical and social aspects of marine resources or the science of diving are relevant for consideration.

Candidates must meet specific requirements to qualify. These requirements are available on line in both html and pdf formats.

An application form is also available on line in both html and pdf formats.

Adobe Acrobat Reader which will enable you to read the .pdf files is available to download free

If you have any questions please contact Jim Kaller by: e-mail or phone 415-362-9134 Extension 12.


If you would like to contribute money in order to increase the amount of the California Diving & Aquatic Studies Scholarship please contact Jim Kaller by: e-mail or phone 415-362-9134 Extension 12.


Matthew A. Russell, the winner of CEN CAL's 2008 Marine Sciences scholarship, is an anthropology PhD candidate at the University of California at Berkeley who specializes in maritime archeology. His dissertation project involves a comprehensive survey of the Manila galleon San Agustin which sunk off Drake's Bay in what is now Point Reyes National Seashore in 1595. The project uses a multi-disciplinary approach which will include archeologists and marine scientists from NOAA, the National Park Service and UC Berkeley. Participants will follow-up on preliminary survey work that was done in 1997-1998. Matt will not only be investigating the wreck itself, but also its impact on the local Coast Miwok culture.

Matt has published original research in major archeological and marine science publications, including the International Journal of Nautical Archeology, Journal of Field Archeology, Historical Archeology, and Marine Technology Society Journal. Before entering graduate school at UC Berkeley, Matt worked for a number of years as a full-time marine archeologist for the National Park Service. During that time, he worked on several important underwater archeology projects, including the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and the Civil War submarine H.L. Hunley in Charleston, South Carolina.

CEN CAL is particularly proud of the unique and multi-disciplinary nature of Matt's work and we are looking forward to seeing the results if his research.